Terms & Conditions for Online Reservations

1. Benamor Golf offers you the following Portal for making online reservations:
2. Reservations made online are only available for bookings of 18 holes and tournaments; 
3. To take advantage of Special Internet prices (Early Bird, Twilight or other Promotions) you will have to look for Promotions on Internet portals for the periods indicated.
4. Bookings should be preferrably made online. If you have any questions, you can contact us through phone or email listed below: 
    a) Telephone : + 351 281 320 880
    b) Fax: + 351 281 320 888
    c) E-mail: reservas@benamorgolf.com 
5. All rental items are subject to availability and must be paid directly at the Golf Course;
6. The client must print the Voucher (proof of reservation) and present it to the Reception Staff upon check-in;
7. The Dress Code must be respected by all players;
8. Players must present themselves at the first Tee 10 minutes prior to their tee time; 
9. Players must present a Handicap Certificate at Reception (Min: Men 28 – Ladies 36); 
10. Promotions 
    a) All promotions are publicized on Benamor Golf’s website: www.benamorgolf.com and at the Golf Course;
    b) Benamor Golf reserves the right to not offer the promotions to the above mentioned Portal.
    c) Should you not find our promotions offered on the above mentioned Portal, you may contact Benamor Golf directly through the traditional means:
        a1) Telephone: + 351 281 320 880
        a2) Fax: + 351 281 320 888
        a3) E-mail: reservas@benamorgolf.com 
11. Reservation Change: 
    a) Should you need to change your reservation, you must contact Benamor and send your request for change in writing (e-mail or fax), indicating the following: 
        a1) Reservation Number (indicated on the Voucher)
        a2) Client name
        a3) Date & time of reservation
        a4) Date and time that you wish to change your reservation to 
An e-mail will be returned to you confirming your reservation change request. 
12. Cancellations 
    a) Should you need to cancel your reservation, you must send your request for cancellation in writing (e-mail or fax), indicating the following: 
        a1) Reservation Number (indicated on the Voucher)
        a2) Client name
        a3) Date & time of reservation
13. Refunds 
Cancellation of reservations that have been prepaid, Benamor Golf will refund: 
    a) Reservations cancelled 48 hours prior to the date of reservation, an administrative fee will be charged and the remaining value will be refunded 5% of the value for payments made via PayPal, Credit Card, except American Express whose fee is 7% of the value of the reservation.
    b) Reservations cancelled within 48 hours of the date of reservation, no value will be refunded.
14. Reading the Terms & Conditions is the sole responsibility of the Customer, thus not leaving him in a position to allege unfamiliarity for the purpose of a complaint or claim.